Repairing the Building and Using it

The building cannot be used until essential repairs (Phase 1) are completed. These works are now under way and are fully funded.

Investigations have also revealed that the floor downstairs is needing to be replaced, so we now have the opportunity to reconsider the shape and arrangement of the downstairs rooms to provide more flexible modern facilities. Local community leaders have already expressed a lot of enthusiasm for being able to use our building for some of their social activities. Fundraising for this additional project (Phase 2) is already underway.

Our current thinking for downstairs would provide:

  • A larger improved kitchen
  • More appropriate toilet facilities
  • A large hall to accommodate approximately 50 – 60 people seated
  • A small separate meeting room for up to 10 people
  • A designated reception area

We have also identified that the sanctuary and other upstairs areas are underused midweek and on Saturdays. We feel that we can develop ways to generate income through hires and lets, all regulated by a robust system to ensure appropriate and suitable usage.

  • The sanctuary could be used for a variety of larger events and activities
  • The vestibule could also be used for events or small meetings with catering


To open up the building for hire and letting to generate income and maximise potential for the sustainable future of Northgate URC

*Please consider the next section as being your opportunity to influence our decisions

(Please complete and submit before 31 August 2022)


Let's be open-minded to possibilities and develop an exciting vision for the future and create mission opportunities.

Are you connected with any external organisations, societies or community groups who might be interested in using our spaces? We need to know who they are and, with their permission, how to contact them.

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Please submit your ideas for use of the downstairs rooms, the vestibule and the sanctuary in the box below for our consideration.

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